Get Rid of That Stubborn Stump in No Time

We offer stump removal services in the Cordova, TN area

Stumps are rooted deep into the ground, making them difficult to remove with ordinary equipment. T&J Tree Experts has over 14 years of experience providing stump removal and grinding services in the Cordova, TN area. We own the proper equipment to take care of stumps of all sizes.

Schedule a stump removal today to get rid of the old stump in your yard. We can also package your tree and stump removal together.

We won't leave a single splinter behind

To make sure every last splinter of your stump gets removed, T&J Tree Experts uses stump grinding equipment. When you contact us for a stump removal, we will:
Assess the site and let you know how long the job will take
Choose the right grinder for your stump
Grind your stump down into the ground
Cut out all remaining roots
Pull out the debris and clean up the area

Call 901-428-0554 today to learn more about our stump grinding process. We serve all areas within a 30-mile radius of Cordova, TN