Don't Live With Dead or Dangerous Trees

Hire the tree removal experts in Cordova, TN

Trees can be a great asset. They provide shade and make your property look beautiful. However, when trees crack, become diseased or are about to fall, they become safety hazards. T&J Tree Experts is ready to help remove these problem trees. A quick phone call to us is all it takes to schedule a tree removal.

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Know when it's time to get rid of a tree

Know when it's time to get rid of a tree

If you're not sure whether a tree should be removed, let our experts help you with the decision. We can evaluate the state of the tree and the potential for it to fall. These are the most common reasons for removing a tree:

  • The tree is diseased, dead or dying
  • The tree obstructs the view
  • The roots are too close to your home
  • The tree is unstable or a safety hazard
If you have a tree that fits one or more of these categories, let the team at T&J Tree Experts evaluate it for you. Some trees can be saved by simply cutting them back, so we also offer tree trimming and shaping. Learn more about tree trimming or removal from T&J Tree Experts in Cordova, TN.